It's in my DNA

When I was a very young child, my Saturdays were full of in-and-out of the car hopping from one yard sale to the next, and in and out of every thrift store in town, looking for items that I could resell at local consignment shops to start a little bank account for myself.  It was the very first experience I had at earning money and I was hooked.  As I became a young adult, thrift stores and yard sales became my go-to places to affordably furnish and accessorize my college dorm, and, later, my first home.  Over the past 25+ years, these places have become so familiar to me - the pricing, the items, the structure - that the process is second nature to me.  Over this time I've also discovered that it can all be very overwhelming for people who love the idea of saving money but can't see the diamonds for all the clutter.  This week's video is the start of something new for you beginner thrifters out there! If you've ever wanted to get the tips and tricks to thrift shopping like a pro, here's your chance.  This week's episode is the beginner's guide you need (complete with downloadable checklist) to get started.  I would love for you to be just as hooked as I am at saving money and designing your space with unique items! Click the photo above to start watching now!