Style those #shelfies

You know what a SELFIE is, right?  Well, now people are photographing their beautifully arranged and styled shelves (bookshelves, floating shelves, book nooks, cabinets) and posting them on social media with the hashtag #shelfie.  It seems silly, perhaps, but who doesn't want to see how to corral that clutter and arrange shelves in a beautiful way?  I know I do!  To find inspiration, a lot of us turn to social media and search the term #shelfie to find ideas for our own homes.  Unfortunately, those are just photos.  Lucky for you, my friend, I designed an entire group of shelves and am breaking down the design elements for you to watch in motion, with description, so you can start posting your OWN #shelfies to inspire others. Click the photo above to start watching now!