There's SO much to tell you

When I say that things have been CRAZY since the last time we talked, I mean to tell ya.....Simple.Honest.Design is really starting to gain some steam and team members to boot.  In August we were interviewed about our home for an article to be published on If you don't know what Houzz is, PLEASE check it out when you get some time to get sucked into the internet.  It's so inspirational for home design, inside and out.  AND they have message boards full with questions and answers on every subject that you could ever imagine for home improvement.  They also have amazing articles featuring regular people showing how they live.  Incredible stuff.

SO, on top of Houzz coming (and the near nervous breakdown that ensued by preparing my home for their visit), I've added a marketing manager AND a film director to my team.  This is HUGE, friends.  HUGE.  These two people have made this season of Simple.Honest.Design something next level that I can't even describe.  You just have to watch to see.  It's good, y'all. Really, really good.  They've made me step up my game in every single way possible and it shows.

I hope you love this episode as much as we loved making it.  It feels so good to make beautiful spaces for people to enjoy, and I love that I get to share it with you to inspire you in your own homes.  Enjoy this very first episode of season THREE of Simple.Honest.Design.  Click the photo above to start watching now!