Totally Busted

For over a year now, I've been showing you how to design any exterior space I could think of and teaching you that HAVING A MASTER PLAN is big time key to a beautiful exterior design.  I truly believe you gotta have a master plan before you can get started or else the finished product will look like a red hot (piecemeal) mess.  Well, my friends, guess who didn't follow her own advice?  You guessed it...this girl right here. And I'm the victim of my own warning - total design mess at my house right now! Call it the designer version of "cobblers children don't wear shoes" if you like, but my lack of plan was wearing away at my conscience, and it's time to do something about it.  Why now?  Well, mostly because I have a deadline. is coming to photograph in the spring and I need to look like I'm an actual, for real, exterior designer and not just someone who plays one on the internet.  But of course I had to put my pride aside and let you in on the ugly truth...I have a big design dilemma!  And I want you to come along so I can show you how I fixed it. Click the photo above to start watching now!