My decidedly Un-Mommy Christmas List

I don’t usually make Christmas lists. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, my sister in law asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I thought and thought about it and texted her back and said “I could use some Tupperware...”. Lame. Even I knew it was lame. I mean, who wants to give someone else Tupperware for Christmas? Don’t get me wrong. I need Tupperware. The drawer I keep mine in is full of mismatched lids and bowls, few of which I can actually use. It’s just that, as a gift GIVER, I don’t want to give you Tupperware, and I’m sure my sister in law doesn’t want to do it either. Gift givers want to give you something that is special. I just couldn’t think of anything else to tell her. But when I started shopping for the people on my list, I was inspired. I saw things that I didn’t need, but would be nice to have. Most likely these are the things that people would like to gift me with if there is a gift to be given, and they are things that I won’t just go out and buy myself, no matter how much money I have in the bank. Splurging on myself if the HARDEST thing for me to do. So. I came up with this Christmas List, just for the exercise of it. And if you’re anything like me, and have been asking for Tupperware as gifts (or a steam mop - cuz I asked for that too - ugh), try walking through a few stores (for me the inspiration was TJMaxx) to get some more non-necessary gift ideas for yourself. Your gift giving friends and family will be so much happier being able to give you something you will love and use and think of them all year long.

christmas 2017 list.jpg

  1. Ring Doorbell 2. Pelican Cuff Ring 3. Grid Dress 4. Cognac Low Boot 5. Capital Gaines 6. Flatware Set 7. Podcast Mic 8. Recorder 9. Perforated Boot 10. Bloom Tshirt 11. Oil Diffuser 12. Rose Gold Smart Watch

Please share with any mommies, daddies, or other caretakers in your life who, just like me, forget to ask themselves "what do *I* want for Christmas?". I know you know a few people (and so do I) who need to care for themselves a little more, and Christmas is the perfect time to get the idea going.  Merry Christmas friends!