Outdoor Dining Style: Modern Boho

Good morning!  This perfect Spring weather is making me dream about my outdoor dining space that we will be working on for the next few weeks (or, let's be honest - months).  I started putting together idea boards and thought you would like to see what I am loving right now. I'm sharing it with you in hopes you'll be inspired for YOUR new outdoor dining space!  So, here it is: my idea for a simple modern boho dining room, complete with references. 

This Boho might be a little different that what you have pictured in your head - a little softer maybe?  I'm really digging pink right now and this kilim outdoor rug is just so perfect.  The chandelier is a splurge for sure but the rest is so affordable, especially the DIY terra cotta planters.  I tell ya, a can of gold spray paint really can make some big impact!  What I love about this is it would just as easily work INSIDE, and that's exactly how it should be.  Bring those indoors out with your style translated outdoors.