Bringing the indoors OUT

When I met Noretta Walls, I knew immediately that she would be perfect to be featured on an episode of Simple.Honest.Design. Isn't she just the most precious thing?


She greeted me at the door with a huge smile (and those dimples!), introduced me to her fur baby Benjie, and then lead me through her beautifully decorated home to her back patio.  This is what I saw, and I mentally noted the HUGE potential I could see for this space:


I find that we spend so much time on Pinterest and Houzz and looking at magazines that we know EXACTLY what we want inside our homes, but when we step out that door and it's like a switch flips and we panic.  I assured Noretta that it was possible to pull her beautifully curated style from inside out into her newly designed patio. And from the look on her face in the photo below, Noretta is PRETTY IMPRESSED with the design we pulled off for her space.


To get all the details, check out this week's episode by clicking the photo below.  Of course there are bloopers at the end which I hope will make you laugh, but this episode left me with tears in my eyes too.  I'm so proud of Noretta and how hard she worked on this design right along with me.  She's been initiated into the "outdoor girl" club - a proud moment for us all!

Here is the before and after, side by side.  Swoon.

before and after.jpg