I've practically come out of my skin having to hold on to this episode for so long before I could show you what I've been going on and on about.  I've said some pretty extreme things like "its the best season ever by MILES" and "we went ALL IN this season".  I may have to eat my words but I doubt it.  Its GOOD.  And now it's here so you don't have to wait any more.  If you missed the preview to the season, you can find it here. And if you did see it, you know how much finally getting to put this out into the world means to me.  What's even more incredible is in this, the very first episode, you'll meet a woman that I've known just shy of 30 years (!!!) 

Lenore Johnston is an artist, a mom, grandmother, hunter, farmer, cheese maker, and so much more, all wrapped into one enthusiastic, sweet lady.  Lenore asked me to come to her house to help her with her biggest design dilemma - the big, blank garage wall.

This wall and fountain has looked virtually the same since I used to visit the Johnston's house as a kid, and she was ready for a change.  ESPECIALLY because Lenore is hosting her mom's 85th birthday in this space and it needs to look like a million bucks for the special event.  As if getting to work on a nostalgic project isn't cool enough, it's a huge honor to have someone call on me and trust me with design that knew me as a child and teenager.  Oh, you KNOW what I'm talkin' about. 

In case you wondered what 85 looks like for Lenore's mom, there she is in her natural element - on the dance floor.  It's just the most incredible thing I've ever seen.  Talk about glorious genetics.  ANYWAY, our goal was to make that big blank garage wall look like a million bucks for Lenore's mom's party and for the next 30 years for her grandkids to love just like we did.  Click the photo below to watch the episode and see if you think we succeeded in our goal!

Here is the before and after, side by side.  It's simple, elegant, and something that can be maintained easily by Lenore.

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