When Perfection Isn't Enough

If you ever wondered what I would consider the most challenging styling project would be - you'd think it might be the super rough ones - but you'd be incorrect. It's the projects that require me to make something incredibly beautiful into something even more perfect than it already is.  When my friend, Caitlyn, who is an interior designer, called me to come look at her patio, I thought she was joking.

I mean, the concrete could afford some powerwashing, but other than that, why am I heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?  Even the filmographer went over to get before shots and was like "I can't wait til to see what you can do to improve DisneyLand." *facepalm*

I'll SHOW YOU MISTER!  Even Disney has room for improvements.  Right?  Right.

It's really really incredible what two designers can come up with to improve the seemingly impossible to improve.  You'll have to click the image below to watch the episode and see how we did it - and know that Caitlyn is even goofier than me and stole the show in the bloopers portion of the show!!

You can find more information on Caitlyn and how to hire her for YOUR interior design at her website: http://www.caitwaitedesigns.com/

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