In it for the long haul

After eight (!!!) years of pretty constant renovation, we've finally come to the last piece of the reno puzzle - the exterior design and installation.  I know we've said before that we were near the end, but it really is for real this time.  In case you need a reminder as to what this place looked like when we bought it:


If you're thinking "y'all are crazy for buying that place!", you're not alone.  Family, friends, and even the home inspector, said DON'T BUY IT.  I have to say we did pause for just a second when the inspector gave warning, but just barely.  It had good bones.  Can YOU see the bones?  No?


If you've been following for as long as we've been renovating, you know we've come a long way, baby. 


But now, we've moved to the exterior portion of the reno.  The outside of the house hasn't been untouched.  Over the years we removed 26 trees, added a new driveway, fence, deck, and shed.  It's time now to really finish off the job and give the outside of our home the attention and curb appeal it deserves. From painting to full landscape install, it wasn't a small project.  It is so big, and so detailed, in fact, that we broke it up into two episodes.  You can find the first part in this week's episode of Simple.Honest.Design.  We've put our hearts and souls into this house and we hope you see now what we saw in in all those years ago.  Click the photo below to start watching!