It is done AKA Part II

Last week, you saw part one of our exterior renovation - the paint and front porch stain decisions, the kids getting involved, and a little bit about why I needed my fellow designer Melanie Lobel to help with it all.  


Now, it's time for the plant install, container arrangement, and the final styling touches - OH!  and the big final reveal.  And of course let's not forget the bloopers too. We are oh so very tired but full of pride at how our 1920s bungalow baby turned out.  8 years is a lot of time to work on a project, ya know?  It's taught us a lifetime of lessons and this place holds even more memories of our love as a family.  I hope you enjoy this episode and share it with friends, family, family, and coworkers in whatever way works for you!  Now, I'm gonna go sit down for a bit ;)  Thanks so much for watching!   Click the photo below to watch Part II of our big exterior design renovation!