Local TV Segment Launches TODAY!

I'm so excited that the time has finally come - after months of planning, scheduling, and filming segments, the new season of WMPI Local 15's lifestyle show is launching TODAY!  The show, called Gulf Coast Today, will include Simple.Honest.Design in it's regular scheduling. That means that you will be able to tune in to get your exterior design fix/budget style ideas on the regular! Below is a screenshot of one of he segments that is upcoming - although it's not the very first segment being aired. We will cover allllll kinds of subjects from design to styling to budget friendly DIY projects that you can do at home. 


Here are all the details for watching the segments from your sofa, phone, or personal computer:

Gulf Coast Today airs every Tuesday on NBC 15, WPMI at 12:30pm or you can stream it live on mynbc15.com/live

The show re-Airs on UTV44, WJTC at 5:30pm.

The entire video will be uploaded to our Gulf Coast Today website (MyNBC15.com > Gulf Coast Today tab) and Facebook page around 2:00pm.