McElhaney Residence

Season 5 | Episode 4 | Western Facing Landscape

If you have a house that faces West, you know that it gets the hottest sun in the afternoon, and it's really hard to choose the right plants that will survive and, what's more, look pretty, in these harsh conditions.  But the hot sun was just ONE of three nagging design dilemmas that we needed to tackle to make this project functional and practical.

The Dilemmas

The design dilemmas for this residence were three fold: 1) Hot and dry landscape beds, 2) Roof runoff was digging hole in the lawn, and finally, 3) the porch felt uninviting to neighbors and friends.

I really love how everything turned out on this design and lansdcape installation, but I think my favorite thing of all is the rain chain.  Watching it work is so mesmerizing and it adds such a beautiful and unique focal point to the design.  I just might need to make rain chains an item I include in all of my designs from now on!

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