Exterior Home Staging 101

Season 5 | Episode 2 | Staging an Outdoor Space for a Home Sale

Staging the INTERIOR of a home for sale can increase the home sale price and decrease the days on the market, but what about the EXTERIOR?  In this case of this week's featured project, the house sold before it even went on the market.  Yes, you read that right.  A pre-sale!  My friend Melanie, a professional Realtor and home stager, will show you how to take advantage of staging the exterior of your property for your next home sale.

design board.jpg

Design Inspiration

Melanie had plenty of furniture, accessories, and pillows to pull together an eye catching exterior space for the house for sale.

I really love that we were able to transform a blank patio into a multiple use entertaining area. Melanie will be able to show potential buyers how they can use the outdoor space and sell it as an addition to the under roof square footage of the home.


Homeowner Interview

Q:  What is your favorite part of the newly styled space?

A: The striped chairs around the fire pit are by far my favorite design element.

Q: Do you plan to stage future outdoor spaces to help sell homes?

I'm a firm believer in stagingโ€ฆ it all :) Visualization is key for buyers so, yes, absolutely I will stage future outdoor spaces!

Q: Were you able to sell the house that we staged?

I ended up pre-selling the house we staged before it even went on the market. Thats not always typical, but when staging is done by a professional home stager- not just your average person claiming to be a home stager, IT JUST WORKS.


Special thanks to Melanie Bunting-Seymour and 1702 Real Estate for their contribution of labor and materials to this project. If you would like more information on services and to schedule a meeting, visit http://1702realestate.com/