Lead Designer/Executive Producer Simple.Honest.Design.


Catherine Arensberg is passionate about finding ways to create luxurious spaces on real life budgets.  Her outgoing, upbeat personality resonates with clients and helps them feel comfortable through the entire design and construction process.  Catherine gets to know you and how you move about your daily life so that your new exterior will be a natural extension of how you and your family comfortably live.  Her tagline – Simple.Honest.Design– is evident in every client relationship and in every product she designs. 


Content Producer


A lifelong adrenaline junkie, Nathaniel has been filming and editing his adventures as a hobby for years. In February of 2019, he came to work with Catherine as her very first employee, and is in charge of all things involving content production. Nathaniel shoots, edits, flies a drone, and does whatever it takes to create videos that help communicate good design. We haven’t seen him leap buildings with a single bound yet, but if he does, he’s sure to be wearing a gopro to catch the perfect action shot.